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Crop Insurance is confusing and we are here to clearly answer any questions you may have!

If you are interested in a hail and wind policy, we can quote hail and wind rates with NAU and RCIS. Both companies offer the same policies, however, the wind rates at RCIS are coming out lower, we have done quotes on with exact wind and hail coverages coming in $10/acres lower. RCIS is the #1 writer of hail insurance in Nebraska showing better long-term stability on rates.

Grain marketing is of course one the most emotionally draining farm practices. By understand your coverage and guarantees, you can use your crop insurance as part of your marketing strategy. For example, crop insurance revenue policies offer stronger coverage for grain marketing and more coverage than yield-only policies. There are also private products available to give you a longer planting window in the spring or protect more bushels at harvest that are not covered by an MPCI policy. To learn more, please feel free to contact us to discuss policies available.

Extreme weather, uncertain trade agreements, and a continuing slow farm economy is squaring up for another challenging year.

Let us help you find a coverage level and products to making farming a little less stressful this year. It is important to Cardinal Insurance that you have a positive crop insurance experience.

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